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President Obama brought on Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff due to his aggressive style and ability to be an agent of change.Emanuel supported Obama and his policies and oftentimes acted on his own accord to shake things up.During this time,Emanuel would best be classified under Kellerman's typology as what kind of follower?

A) resource
B) participant
C) isolate
D) activist

Aggressive Style

A communication or behavioral approach characterized by assertiveness and directness, often prioritizing one's own needs or goals over others'.

Agent Of Change

An individual or entity that acts as a catalyst for transformation within a group, organization, or society, driving progress and innovation.


Formal guidelines or rules established by organizations or governments to govern behavior, procedures, and decision-making.

  • Comprehend various classifications and hierarchies of follower behaviors as articulated by academics such as Kellerman.
  • Identify the properties and tasks of followers through different followership paradigms.

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Rahm Emanuel's aggressive style and ability to act on his own accord to bring about change align with the characteristics of an activist follower in Kellerman's typology.