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In Chaleff's model of followership,an individualist exhibits ______.

A) high challenge and low support for the leader
B) low challenge and low support for the leader
C) uncritical thinking and low engagement
D) high dominance and high activity


Refers to a person or philosophy that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual over collective or group identities.

High Challenge

Situations or tasks that require a significant degree of effort, skills, or resources to accomplish, often associated with high levels of personal and professional growth.

Low Support

Situations or environments where there is minimal guidance, assistance, or emotional backing provided to individuals or groups.

  • Discern the features and positions of followers in a range of followership models.

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In Chaleff's model of followership, an individualist is someone who challenges the leader but does not offer much support. They are independent thinkers who prefer to work alone and may not always agree with the leader's decisions. Therefore, an individualist exhibits high challenge and low support for the leader.