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Physical symptoms, such as restlessness, irritability, and tremors, may occur when a person is experiencing _________ from alcohol.​

A) ​tolerance
B) ​dependence
C) ​withdrawal
D) ​addiction

Physical Symptoms

Observable signs or indications of a medical condition or disease.


Adverse physiological reactions exhibited when a drug-dependent person stops using that drug; the withdrawal symptoms are typically unpleasant and opposite to the drug’s effects.

  • Acquire knowledge on the subjects of tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal within the framework of alcohol usage.

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Restlessness, irritability, and tremors are all physical symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol. Tolerance refers to the body's ability to handle increasing amounts of alcohol without experiencing the same effects, dependence refers to a psychological and physical need for alcohol, and addiction is a broad term that encompasses both tolerance and dependence.