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_______________ occurs when people direct their emotions toward objects, animals, or people that are not the real object of their emotion.

A) Projection
B) Regression
C) Displacement
D) Denial

Defense Mechanism

Psychological strategies used unconsciously to protect oneself from anxiety arising from unacceptable thoughts or feelings.


A psychological defense mechanism where an individual redirects their emotions or reactions from the original source to another object or person.


A defense mechanism where an individual attributes their own unacceptable thoughts, feelings, or motives to another person.

  • Recognize and comprehend different defense mechanisms and their implications in psychology.

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Displacement occurs when individuals redirect their emotions from the actual source of their feelings onto something or someone else. This can happen when the original source of the emotion is too threatening, or when expressing the emotion toward the original object is not possible or socially acceptable. Projection involves attributing one's own unacceptable feelings or thoughts to other people, regression involves reverting to an earlier stage of psychological development, and denial involves refusing to acknowledge the existence of a problem or emotion.