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Diego hears from the doctor that he has a serious disease. Diego's response is "This can't be true! There's been a mistake. It cannot be me." What Freudian defense mechanism is Diego using?

A) regression
B) projection
C) displacement
D) denial

Defense Mechanism

Psychological strategies used unconsciously to protect oneself from anxiety or social sanctions.


A defense mechanism where an individual refuses to accept reality or facts, thereby avoiding dealing with painful feelings or events.


A defense mechanism where an individual attributes their own unacceptable thoughts or feelings to someone else.

  • Discern and grasp the variety of defense mechanisms and their psychological effects.

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Explanation :
Diego is using the defense mechanism of denial, which involves refusing to accept or acknowledge the reality of a painful or threatening situation. In this case, Diego is denying that he could have the serious disease and is rejecting the doctor's diagnosis.