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Molly is a licensed professional counselor who has just begun working with problem drinkers. She read some studies on controlled drinking, and she plans to help people learn to control their rate of alcohol consumption. Molly should know that​

A) ​controlled drinking is less effective than 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.
B) ​most treatment facilities in the United States do not support this goal.
C) ​controlled drinking is less successful with patients after the age of 50.
D) ​controlled drinking is the goal of most programs in the United States.

Controlled Drinking

A treatment approach for alcohol addiction which aims at moderating consumption rather than abstaining completely.

Licensed Professional Counselor

A mental health professional who has met the required educational, practicum, and licensure requirements to provide counseling services.

Alcohol Consumption

The act of drinking beverages containing ethanol, which can range from moderate intake to alcohol abuse.

  • Identify the efficiency of various alcohol treatment strategies, such as motivational interviewing and regulated alcohol consumption.

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While controlled drinking may work for some individuals, it is not generally supported by most treatment facilities in the United States. Many programs advocate for complete abstinence, particularly for individuals who meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder.