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Michele is a bank officer who takes the time to fully explain to an applicant why he was turned down for a loan. Michele is reflecting the ethical concern of ______ in her behaviour.

A) individualism
B) procedural justice
C) interactional justice
D) utilitarianism
E) distributive justice

Procedural Justice

Concerned that policies and rules are fairly administered.

Interactional Justice

The degree to which others are treated with dignity and respect.

Ethical Concern

Issues or situations that require a person or organization to choose between alternatives that must be evaluated as right (ethical) or wrong (unethical).

  • Outline the variances among the ethical doctrines of moral-rights, utilitarianism, justice, and individualism.

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Michele is demonstrating interactional justice, which pertains to the fairness and transparency in the communication processes and interpersonal treatment during the execution of decisions. By taking the time to explain the reasons behind the loan denial, Michele is ensuring that the applicant is treated with dignity and respect, which aligns with the principles of interactional justice.