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Matthew is a counselor evaluating treatment outcomes for an intervention for depression.He assigns clients to two treatment groups where both groups receive the same intervention.The only difference is that one group receives the intervention for 2 hours a week and the second group receives the intervention for 1 hour a week.What type of outcome research strategy is Matthew conducting?

A) Client-counselor variation
B) Constructive
C) Parametric
D) Comparative outcome

Outcome Research Strategy

An approach in research focusing on understanding the results or outcomes of specific interventions or treatments.

Treatment Outcomes

The results or consequences of medical or psychological interventions, often measured to assess the effectiveness of a treatment.


Actions taken to improve a situation, especially in the context of health, social, or educational issues.

  • Learn about the assortment of outcome research strategies and their applications in counseling.

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Matthew is conducting parametric research, which involves manipulating variables (in this case, the duration of the intervention) to see how it affects the outcome. This helps in understanding the effect of the quantity or intensity of treatment on depression.