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What outcome research strategy focuses on identifying therapeutic conditions,rather than specific treatment components,to determine effectiveness?

A) Client-counselor variation
B) Process
C) Comparative outcome
D) Process.

Therapeutic Conditions

Essential elements within a therapy setting that facilitate client change, including therapist-client rapport, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.

Treatment Components

The distinct elements or strategies that make up a therapeutic intervention or program aimed at addressing specific issues or conditions.

Outcome Research

The study of the results or outcomes of specific health care practices and interventions, aiming to identify their effectiveness.

  • Understand different outcome research strategies and their purposes in counseling.

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The outcome research strategy that focuses on identifying therapeutic conditions (such as alliance, empathy, therapeutic goals, etc.) rather than specific treatment components to determine effectiveness is known as the process research strategy. This type of research focuses on the therapy process and factors in the therapeutic relationship rather than the specific treatment techniques used. Therefore, the answer is B) Process.