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Lucy has cognitive impairment resulting in deterioration in her language abilities.She often uses vague references to hide her inability to produce names.It is most likely that Lucy is experiencing

A) agnosia.
B) palialia.
C) aphasia.
D) echolalia.


Continuous repetition of sounds and words.

  • Understanding the different types of cognitive impairments and their impact on language abilities.
  • Recognizing the symptoms and characteristics of cognitive impairments, such as vague references and difficulty producing names.
  • Identifying the potential causes and underlying conditions associated with cognitive impairments.

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Feb 18, 2024

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Explanation :
Lucy's symptoms suggest that she is experiencing aphasia, which is a language disorder resulting from damage to the brain. Difficulty with naming is a common symptom of aphasia. Agnosia is a perceptual disorder, palilalia is characterized by the repetition of one's own words, and echolalia is the repetition of another person's words. None of these fit Lucy's symptoms as well as aphasia does.