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Identify the cognitive impairments in major neurocognitive disorder:


Cognitive disorder in which a gradual and usually permanent decline of intellectual functioning occurs; can be caused by a medical condition, substance intoxication, or withdrawal; also known as major neurocognitive disorder.

  • Memory loss: Cognitive impairments in major neurocognitive disorder often include significant memory loss, both short-term and long-term. This can affect the individual's ability to recall recent events or remember important details from their past.
  • Attention and concentration difficulties: Individuals may struggle with maintaining focus and attention on tasks or conversations, leading to difficulties in completing tasks or following instructions.
  • Understanding and processing information: Individuals with major neurocognitive disorder may experience difficulties in understanding and comprehending new information or instructions.

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Key terms and concepts that may be included in student responses:
▪ Cognitive impairments in neurocognitive disorder-memory deficit, language deterioration-aphasia (difficulty producing the names of objects or people), echolalia (repeating back what is heard), palialia (repeating sounds or words over and over), apraxia (impaired ability to execute commonactions), agnosia (failure to recognize objects or people), loss of executive functioning (inability to plan, initiate, or monitor behaviors)
▪ Cognitive impairment occurs across two or more domains (i.e., executive functioning, attention/concentration, short-term or long-term memory, visuospatial ability, etc.)and is a decline from this person's baseline.
▪ Bonus: In order to receive a diagnosis of major neurocognitive disorder, an individual must also show impairment in functioning in activities of daily living and/or independent activities of daily living.These include: getting dressed, managing medications, or preparing meals.