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Lorraine offers to give people a percentage of the profits earned from her theater production as a reward for donating $100 to the production's equipment.Kickstarter did not approve her campaign because ______.

A) it was a theater production and not a product
B) she wanted to offer a financial reward
C) she was asking too much of an investment,given the reward
D) she was asking too little of an investment,given the reward

Equity Crowdfunding

A form of crowdfunding that gives investors the opportunity to become shareholders in a company.

  • Understanding the criteria for approval on Kickstarter campaigns
  • Recognizing the difference between a theater production and a product
  • Understanding the limitations on offering financial rewards on Kickstarter

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Feb 18, 2024

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Kickstarter does not allow campaigns to offer equity or financial returns as rewards, as it violates their rules on fundraising and investment. Therefore, Lorraine's offer to give a percentage of profits as a reward for donations would not be allowed on the platform.