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Karen's company manufactures high-end designer cookware.Karen will be selling her product at a chain grocery store during the month of December and will be paying for a center aisle display near the front entry of the store.This is an example of which element of the marketing mix?

A) distribution
B) promotion
C) product
D) place


The location where the product is actually distributed to your target market; for example, trade fairs, retail stores, catalogs, mail order, online, and so forth.

  • Recognizing the significance of physical displays in attracting customer attention.
  • Identifying the role of location in increasing product visibility and accessibility.
  • Understanding the importance of strategic placement and visibility in retail settings.

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The placement of the cookware display in the chain grocery store near the front entry is an example of the "place" element of the marketing mix, which refers to the location and distribution methods used to make the product available to the target market.