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Interviewees prefer that interviewers do all of the following except:

A) Show high levels of nonverbal immediacy ​
B) Listen to interviewee answers and limit the number of interruptions
C) Conduct the interview in an informal way in a busy work area.
D) ​Ask open questions and allow sufficient time to answer them.

Nonverbal Immediacy

Refers to behaviors such as eye contact, body language, and physical proximity used to reduce distance and promote closeness in communication.


Instances where a process is temporarily stopped or hindered by an external or internal event.

Informal Way

A manner of communication or behavior that is casual, relaxed, and not bound by formal rules or standards.

  • Identify the characteristics of effective interviews and interviewing techniques.

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Conducting an interview in an informal way in a busy work area can be distracting for the interviewee and may not allow them to fully focus on the questions being asked. Therefore, interviewees would not prefer this approach.