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In a team meeting a nurse says, "I'm concerned about whether we are behaving ethically by using restraint to prevent one patient from self-mutilation, while the care plan for another self-mutilating patient requires one-on-one supervision." Which ethical principle most clearly applies to this situation?

A) Beneficence
B) Autonomy
C) Fidelity
D) Justice


The act of deliberately injuring one's own body without suicidal intent, typically as a way of coping with distress.

Ethical Principle

A fundamental guideline that dictates the conduct of individuals and organizations by delineating what is right and wrong.


The principle of fairness and the moral rightness of actions and laws within society.

  • Practice the principles of ethical treatment, embodying autonomy, justice, and beneficence.

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The nurse is concerned about justice, that is, fair distribution of care, which includes treatment with the least restrictive methods for both patients. Beneficence means promoting the good of others. Autonomy is the right to make one's own decisions. Fidelity is the observance of loyalty and commitment to the patient.