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I think that mob action is like a disease that overtakes healthy people,corrupts them,and causes them to act in ways they never would normally.I favor ___ theory of crowding.

A) convergence
B) emergent norm
C) Le Bon's contagion
D) social identity

Mob Action

Refers to actions or activities carried out by a large group of people, often in an unruly or violent manner.

Contagion Theory

A theory in social psychology that explains how ideas, attitudes, and behaviors can spread rapidly through crowds or groups, akin to the spread of diseases.

Le Bon's

Refers to theories or principles by Gustave Le Bon, notably on crowd psychology, suggesting that crowds operate on irrational, emotional forces.

  • Clarify the mechanisms of crowd behavior and the associated theoretical frameworks.

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Le Bon's contagion theory suggests that individuals in a crowd lose their sense of individuality and become swept up in a group mentality that gives rise to irrational and impulsive behavior. This theory sees the crowd as a contagious entity, much like a disease, which spreads throughout the individuals within it. This aligns with the idea that mob action can be seen as a disease that overtakes otherwise rational individuals. The other three choices do not specifically address the idea of a crowd as a contagious entity.