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Hae Min is trying to remember the day that her friend Carlos went missing.The police are asking her to recall everything about that day as part of their investigation of Carlos's disappearance.Which of the following statements BEST characterizes what Hae Min's process of remembering the day will be like?

A) Hae Min will not be able to remember everything that happened that day,but the memories that she does have will be accurate reflections of reality.
B) Hae Min's recollection of the day will be a mixture of short-term and long-term memories.
C) Hae Min's memory of the day will be a reconstructive process,possibly biased by many factors.
D) Because an important event in her life happened on that day,Hae Min will be able to remember most of the details of the day with almost photographic accuracy.

Reconstructive Process

The method by which memories are not merely retrieved but reconstructed, often influenced by various factors like biases and new information.

Short-Term Memories

The component of memory that temporarily holds a small amount of information for a short period of time, from seconds to minutes.

Long-Term Memories

Memories that can last from days to decades, encompassing everything from childhood events to academic knowledge.

  • Understand the mechanisms that facilitate the encoding and consolidation of information into long-term memory.
  • Understand the misinformation effect and its consequences on the fidelity of memories.

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Research has shown that memory is a reconstructive process, meaning that it is influenced by various factors such as emotions, expectations, and past experiences. Hae Min's memory of the day will not be a perfect reflection of reality but will be influenced by these factors. As such, her recollection of the day may be incomplete or biased.