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French unions pressure the government to enact policies favorable to the unions' agendas rather than participating directly in ____________________.

A) Collective bargaining
B) Codetermination
C) Policymaking
D) Sector bargaining

Collective Bargaining

The process of negotiation between employers and a group of employees aimed at reaching agreements to regulate working conditions.


A practice where workers have a role in the management of companies, often through representation on corporate boards.

  • Analyze the consequences of union involvement in political agendas and social reform initiatives on labor relations frameworks.

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Explanation :
The question is asking about what French unions prioritize over participating directly in policymaking. Therefore, the best answer choice is C. Collective bargaining (A) and sector bargaining (D) both involve negotiating with employers, which is distinct from policymaking. Codetermination (B) involves workers having a say in management decisions, which is also not the same as policymaking.