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Eric Ries,author of The Lean Startup,makes what argument regarding planning and forecasting?

A) Planning and forecasting are accurate only for large corporations; startups are very different and require a different approach.
B) A clever entrepreneur will take the lessons learned from large corporations' planning and forecasting models and apply them to their startup.
C) Planning and forecasting are solid tools no matter the size of a business.
D) A lack of understanding of planning and forecasting is the reason many startups fail.

Angel Investor

A type of investor who uses his or her own money to provide funds to young startup private businesses run by entrepreneurs who are neither friends nor family.

  • The importance of understanding the differences between planning and forecasting for large corporations versus startups.
  • The need for a different approach to planning and forecasting in startups compared to large corporations.
  • The potential benefits of applying lessons learned from large corporations' planning and forecasting models to startups.

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Eric Ries argues that planning and forecasting are not accurate for startups because startups operate in an environment of extreme uncertainty and are constantly learning and adapting to new information. Large corporations may have more stability and predictability in their markets, making planning and forecasting more accurate for them.