Asked by Josephine Drennon on Mar 10, 2024



Enter the number 1.6 in your calculator and repeatedly take the square root. What number does the display appear to be approaching?

A) 1
B) 0
C) 1.6
D) 2.56
E) The display is not approaching a number.

Square Root

The original number that is obtained by squaring a certain value.

Number Approach

A strategy or method that emphasizes the use of numbers and quantitative data to solve problems or make decisions.

  • Utilize calculators for the simplification and approximation of mathematical expressions.

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Peyton Howard

Mar 10, 2024

Final Answer :
Explanation :
After taking the square root once, the display will read approximately 1.2649. Taking the square root again, it will read approximately 1.1247. The display will continue to decrease as we take more square roots, getting closer and closer to 1. Therefore, the answer is A) 1.