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________ did not believe interest inventories should categorize people by stereotypical prototypes,but rather by matching people to other people who were satisfied and enthusiastic about their work and scored the same on the interest inventory.

A) Holland
B) Kuder
C) Thurstone
D) Parsons

Interest Inventories

Tests widely used in counseling and career assessment which evaluate a client’s interest, provide a wealth of knowledge of a client’s likes or dislikes, and gain insight into an individual’s personality.

Stereotypical Prototypes

Oversimplified and generalized representations or images of particular groups of people, often based on limited information or biases.


Refers to Holland's Theory of Career Choice, which categorizes people and work environments into six types to aid in career decision-making.

  • Recognize the contributions of key theorists in the field of career assessment.

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Kuder emphasized the importance of matching individuals to careers based on the satisfaction and enthusiasm of others in those careers who had similar scores on interest inventories, rather than relying on stereotypical categories.