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What Strong Interest Inventory Scale measures six categories of interest based on Holland's theory?

A) General Occupational Themes
B) Occupational Scales
C) Basic Interest Scales
D) Personal Style Scales

Holland's Theory

A theory of career and vocational choice based upon personality types, suggesting that people are happiest in work environments that match their personal interests and abilities.

General Occupational Themes

A component of the Holland Codes used in career assessments to categorize individuals' preferences and strengths in different work environments.

Occupational Scales

Measures that assess an individual's interests, skills, and aptitudes in relation to specific occupations or professions.

  • Discern and detail the assortment of career appraisal tools and their specific implementations.

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The General Occupational Themes scale of the Strong Interest Inventory measures six categories of interest based on Holland's theory, which includes Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional categories.