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Describe why asking what people need may or may not be the best start to the design process.(Present an argument for both.)

Design Thinking

A human-centered approach to innovation that brings together what people need with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.

  • Understanding user needs: Asking people what they need can be a valuable starting point in the design process as it allows designers to gain insights into the specific requirements and preferences of the target users. By directly engaging with users, designers can gather firsthand information about their pain points, desires, and expectations, which can inform the design decisions and lead to more user-centered solutions.
  • Limited perspective: On the other hand, solely relying on what people say they need may not always be the best approach. People may not always be aware of their true needs or may struggle to articulate them accurately. Their responses can be influenced by personal biases, limited experiences, or the inability to envision alternative solutions. Therefore, relying solely on user input may result in a narrow perspective and potentially overlook innovative or disruptive ideas that users may not be aware of.
  • Uncovering latent needs: Sometimes, people may not be able to express their needs because they are not aware of them or have not encountered the problem yet. In such cases, asking what people need may not be effective in uncovering latent needs. Designers need to go beyond direct questioning and employ methods like observation, ethnographic research, or co-creation activities to identify unmet needs that users may not be able to articulate.

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It may be the best way because it focuses on the person who will ultimately use the product or service and encourages the entrepreneur to go out and interact with them.It may not be enough to ask the question because people have latent needs.These are needs that the person has but may not know they have them.It is better to start with a technique that encourages empathy so that you can gain insight from the process of observing customers and their needs.