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Correlations,mean comparisons,and hypothesis testing are examples of what type of statistics?*

A) Inferential
B) Descriptive
C) Qualitative
D) Interval

Inferential Statistics

Set of statistical analyses used to draw inferences from a smaller group of data (sample) that then can be applied to a larger group (population).


A statistical measure that indicates the extent to which two or more variables fluctuate together, showing the strength and direction of a relationship between variables.

Hypothesis Testing

A statistical method used to determine whether there is enough evidence in a sample of data to infer that a certain condition holds for the entire population.

  • Acquire knowledge of the essential concepts and methodologies in descriptive and inferential statistics.

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Correlations, mean comparisons, and hypothesis testing are all examples of inferential statistics, which involve making inferences and predictions about a population based on sample data. Descriptive statistics, on the other hand, are used to summarize and describe the characteristics of a sample. Qualitative statistics refer to data that is not numerical, such as categories or attributes. Interval statistics refer to data that is measured on an interval scale, such as temperature or time.