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Averages,percentages,total frequencies,and measures of variability are examples of what type of statistics?

A) Inferential
B) Descriptive
C) Qualitative
D) Interval

Descriptive Statistics

Set of statistical analyses that can be used to organize and describe the characteristics of a set of data.


Pertaining to inferential statistics, which involves making predictions or inferences about a population based on a sample of data.


The degree to which scores in a set of data are spread out or differ from each other.

  • Comprehend the basic concepts and tools of descriptive and inferential statistics.

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Averages, percentages, total frequencies, and measures of variability are all examples of descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics summarize and describe data, whereas inferential statistics make inferences or predictions about a population based on a sample of data. Qualitative statistics involve non-numerical data, while interval statistics involve measurements on a continuous scale.