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________ consist of ambiguous pictures, sentences, or stories that the test taker interprets or completes.

A) Objective tests
B) Projective tests
C) Personality inventories
D) Diagnoses based on the DSM

Projective Tests

Psychological tests used to infer a person’s motives, conflicts, and unconscious dynamics on the basis of the person’s interpretations of ambiguous stimuli.

Objective Tests

Examinations that require the test taker to select or provide a response from a set of predetermined options.

Personality Inventories

Standardized questionnaires used to assess personality traits and characteristics of individuals.

  • Recognize the significance of objective and projective tests in psychological assessment.

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Projective tests involve ambiguous stimuli that require the test taker to project their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences onto them. Objective tests involve specific questions with predetermined answer choices. Personality inventories and diagnoses based on the DSM are not relevant to this question.