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Bentley is considering adding reasons as to "why now." He should ______.

A) include it in the pitch deck,perhaps even as early as slide 5
B) not include it,as competition might take the opportunity away
C) put it in slide 1
D) describe it out loud,not put it in the slide deck


A way of generating profit through unique, novel, or desirable products or services that have not been previously exploited.

  • Understand the importance of including reasons as to "why now" in the pitch deck.
  • Consider the potential impact of including or not including reasons as to "why now" on the competition.
  • Evaluate the optimal placement of the reasons in the pitch deck, such as considering including it as early as slide 5 or in slide 1.

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Feb 18, 2024

Final Answer :
Explanation :
Including "why now" in the pitch deck, particularly on slide 5, will provide context and urgency to the presentation and help Bentley make a stronger case for his proposal.