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Jax spent months interacting with his potential customers,finding out who they are and how to reach them.He wants to discuss this experience in his pitch.He should ______.

A) include it in the pitch deck,around slide 7
B) not include it,as competition might take the opportunity away
C) include it in the pitch deck,in slide 1
D) describe it out loud,not put it in the slide deck
  • Understand the importance of customer research and interaction in the business pitch.
  • Recognize the need to include relevant experiences in the pitch to showcase understanding of the target market.
  • Consider the appropriate placement of the customer interaction experience in the pitch deck.

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Feb 18, 2024

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Including Jax's experience in interacting with potential customers in the pitch deck, around slide 7, would be beneficial as it would showcase his efforts to understand his target audience and how to reach them. This would also help in building trust and credibility with the investors.