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Behavior rating scales can be completed by:

A) The counselor
B) The client
C) Teachers
D) All of the above

Behavior Rating Scales

Tools used to assess an individual's behaviors, attitudes, or emotional states, often utilized in psychological or educational settings.

The Counselor

A professional who provides guidance and support to individuals or groups, often in educational, vocational, or psychological contexts.

The Client

In a professional context, refers to an individual or organization that receives services or advice from a professional such as a consultant, lawyer, or therapist.

  • Understand the role of behavior rating scales and who can complete them.

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Behavior rating scales can be completed by the counselor, client, and teachers. All of these individuals can provide valuable information about the behavior of the client, which can be used to inform treatment planning and interventions. It is important to gather information from multiple sources in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client's behavior.