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Anna is a school counselor interested in conducting an observation of an eighth grader named Thomas.Anna asks the student's teacher not to tell Thomas that she will be observing him and tries to remain an unobtrusive as possible.Anna is trying to conduct:

A) An unstructured observation
B) A structured observation
C) A covert observation
D) An overt observation

Covert Observation

Covert observation is a research method in which the subject(s) are unaware that they are being observed, allowing researchers to study behavior in a natural setting without influence.


Pertaining to methods or approaches that are not invasive or noticeable, often used in observational research to avoid influencing subjects.

School Counselor

A professional who provides students with academic, career, college readiness, and personal/social competencies.

  • Understand the ethical considerations in covert and overt observations.

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Anna is conducting a covert observation since she is trying to remain unobtrusive and asking the teacher not to inform Thomas about her observation.