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What behavior rating scale system consists of 5 components including structured developmental history,parent rating scale,teacher rating scale,self-report of personality,and student observation system?

A) BRP-2
C) CBCL 6-18
D) Connors

Behavior Rating Scale System

A method used to assess and document an individual's behavior and performance, often through observer ratings.

Structured Developmental History

A detailed account of an individual's developmental milestones and experiences, often used in psychological assessments.


The Behavior Assessment System for Children, Second Edition, a comprehensive tool for assessing emotional and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents.

  • Discern the components involved in certain behavioral assessment schemes.

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The BASC-2 (Behavior Assessment System for Children, Second Edition) includes five components: 1) structured developmental history, 2) parent rating scale, 3) teacher rating scale, 4) self-report of personality, and 5) student observation system. The other options (BRP-2, CBCL 6-18, Connors) do not include all five of these components.