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Advocates of the _______________ approach to management believe that ____________ should be the central focus of organized activity.

A) operations; quality
B) scientific management; functions
C) universal process; technology
D) quality control; suppliers
E) behavioral; people

Behavioral Approach

A perspective in psychology focusing on observable behaviors and the ways in which they're learned, rather than on internal states or motivations.

Organized Activity

A planned or structured event or operation designed to achieve specific goals or objectives.

  • Understand the metamorphosis of management insights from being task and process-driven to centering on enhancing human relations and responding to the needs of employees.
  • Pinpoint and evaluate distinct management techniques, including approaches to operations, human relations, and ensuring quality standards.

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The behavioral approach to management emphasizes the importance of people in the organization and believes that their needs and motivations should be the central focus of organized activity.