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A counselor and his client created several treatment goals including "improve time spent engaging in enjoyable activities." What is wrong with this goal?

A) It is a process goal,not an outcome goal
B) It is too challenging
C) It is not measurable
D) It is not attainable


Capable of being quantified or expressed as a numerical value.

Treatment Goals

Treatment goals are specific, measurable objectives set by a therapist and client to address the issues that brought the client into therapy.


Captivating or holding the interest and attention of someone.

  • Develop measurable and attainable treatment goals.

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Dominic Papiro

Feb 29, 2024

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Explanation :
The goal is not measurable because there is no clear way to assess whether or not the client has actually improved their time spent engaging in enjoyable activities. A more specific goal might be "Increase engagement in enjoyable activities by 30 minutes per week" which would be measurable and allow for progress to be tracked.