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You have a list of things you would like to accomplish,such as earn an A in your psychology class,pass the next psychology exam,complete a bachelor's degree in psychology,and get accepted to a psychology graduate program.What should you focus on first?

A) earning an A in the class
B) passing the next exam
C) earning your degree
D) acceptance into graduate school

Passing the Next Exam

Refers to the process and strategies involved in successfully preparing for and completing an upcoming examination.

Earning an A

Achieving the highest grade in an academic assessment, indicative of excellent understanding or performance.

Psychology Graduate Program

A psychology graduate program is an advanced course of study that focuses on theoretical, experimental, and applied aspects of psychology, leading to a master's or doctoral degree.

  • Understand the principles of setting goals and implementing action plans for personal and professional development.

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Mar 10, 2024

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In order to achieve the other goals related to psychology, it is important to first focus on passing the next psychology exam. This is because exams are typically a significant portion of a student's grade in a class, and doing well on exams is essential for earning an A in the class. Additionally, passing exams and doing well in the class are important factors in being able to earn a degree in psychology and eventually get accepted into a graduate program. Therefore, passing the next psychology exam should be the first priority on this list.