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You can emphasize key points by

A) using extra words to describe them.
B) making important ideas the subject of the sentence.
C) placing them at the beginning or end of a sentence.
D) doing all of the above.

Key Points

The most important or central ideas, facts, or issues in a discussion or piece of communication.

Important Ideas

Concepts or points that are considered to be of significant value or consequence in a particular context.

  • Recognize strategies to accentuate important points or ideas in sentences and paragraphs.

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Explanation :
Using extra words to describe key points can help provide more detail and make them stand out. Making important ideas the subject of the sentence can make them more prominent and give them more weight. Placing key points at the beginning or end of a sentence can help draw attention to them and make them more memorable. Doing all of these things together can maximize the impact of key points and help ensure that they are understood and remembered by the audience.