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______________ women are more likely to return to welfare than white women for many reasons,including the fact that ____________.

A) Black and Hispanic;women of color face more obstacles in the labor market
B) White;women of color tend to have a stronger "private safety net" than white women do
C) Black and Hispanic;white women who receive welfare are less likely to be married than women of color are
D) White;there are more white women in the United States than there are black and Hispanic women

Private Safety Net

Systems or services provided by non-governmental entities aimed at offering protection and assistance to individuals or groups in need.

Black and Hispanic Women

Refers specifically to women of African and Hispanic descent, highlighting their unique cultural and societal experiences.

Labor Market

The supply of available workers in relation to available work, and the dynamics of employment and wages within this context.

  • Recognize and evaluate the effects of affirmative action and welfare programs.

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Studies have shown that women of color face more obstacles in the labor market, such as discrimination and lack of access to education and training, which make it harder for them to secure stable employment and support themselves and their families. This can contribute to their higher likelihood of returning to welfare.