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Why is the population of elderly people rising in industrialized societies like Canada?

A) because population growth has increased
B) because fertility rates have been declining
C) because medical advances have slowed
D) because life expectancy for men now exceeds that of women

Fertility Rates

The typical amount of offspring a female is expected to have throughout her life in a specific group.

Industrialized Societies

Societies characterized by a high level of industrial activity, with a significant portion of the economy involved in manufacturing and services rather than agriculture.

  • Envision demographic evolutions and their repercussions on social formations, with an emphasis on analyzing age-sex distribution figures.
  • Survey the socioeconomic situation of the aged population, with a focus on changes in poverty statistics and the influence of governmental measures.

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Fertility rates in industrialized societies like Canada have been declining, contributing to a higher proportion of elderly people in the population. This is because with fewer children being born, the average age of the population increases.