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Why is experimentation required?

A) to meet the requirements of investors and loan officers
B) to strengthen ideas
C) to help with inspiration
D) to form customer-satisfaction scales


The first phase of design thinking, when you develop the design challenge and acquire a deeper understanding of users.

  • Understanding the impact of experimentation on meeting the requirements of investors and loan officers.
  • Exploring how experimentation can strengthen ideas.
  • Examining the role of experimentation in helping with inspiration.

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Joshua Babor

Feb 18, 2024

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Explanation :
Experimentation is required to strengthen ideas by testing assumptions, hypotheses, and potential solutions in order to refine and improve upon them. While customer satisfaction scales may be established through experimentation, it is not the primary purpose. Meeting investor and loan officer requirements or helping with inspiration may be outcomes of experimentation, but they are not the main reason for it.