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Why did workers experience the introduction of scientific management as a loss of freedom?

A) Scientific management typically lowered wages.
B) Workers had to work longer hours under scientific management.
C) Safety conditions worsened when companies introduced scientific management.
D) Skilled workers under scientific management had to obey very detailed instructions.
E) Foremen tended to drive workers with more brute force under scientific management.

Scientific Management

Management campaign to improve worker efficiency using measurements like “time and motion” studies to achieve greater productivity; introduced by Frederick Winslow Taylor in 1911.

Loss of Freedom

The state or situation in which an individual's autonomy, rights, or liberties are reduced or removed, often through authoritarian governance, imprisonment, or other means.

  • Gain insight into the contribution of labor, particularly from immigrants, to the dynamic changes in the American economic environment.

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Scientific management, introduced by Frederick Taylor, aimed to improve efficiency by breaking down tasks into smaller parts and using time-and-motion studies to find the best methods for performing work. This approach often led to skilled workers having to follow precise, detailed instructions for each task, reducing their autonomy and decision-making in their work, thus feeling a loss of freedom.