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Why did the idea that the earth and other planets were all circling around the sun upset theologians?

A) They believed the idea wasn't provable.
B) It meant that mankind had a special place in the universe.
C) They believed that the sun had always been at the center of the universe.
D) They believed that it reduced the importance of mankind in the universe.
E) They questioned the ability of the other planets to circle the sun.


Scholars who specialize in the study of theology, exploring the nature of the divine, religious beliefs, and spiritual experiences.

  • Assess how religious and philosophical values contribute to the support and objection towards scientific ideas.

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Theologians believed that the Earth was at the center of the universe because it reflected the idea that mankind was the most important creation of God. If the idea that the planets were circling around the sun was true, it would suggest that the Earth was not special and mankind was not the center of the universe. This idea was seen as a threat to their religious beliefs.