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Why did Great Britain pass the Quebec Act in 1774?

A) Great Britain wanted to force Catholics out of Canada.
B) Great Britain wanted to give French Canada back to France in return for concessions elsewhere.
C) Great Britain wanted to satisfy its thirteen colonies by giving them power over Canada.
D) Great Britain wanted to make concessions to the French Catholics so that they would not rebel.
E) Great Britain wanted to put the rebellious thirteen colonies under the control of the more pliable French Canadians.

French Catholics

Members of the Catholic Church residing in France, a demographic that has played significant roles in French history, particularly during conflicts over secularism and the relationship between church and state.

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Great Britain passed the Quebec Act in 1774 in order to make concessions to the French Catholics in Canada so that they would not rebel. The act granted religious freedoms to Catholics and expanded the boundaries of Quebec to include Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana, which meant that French Canadians could maintain their culture and language. It was hoped that this would prevent the French Canadians from joining the American Revolution and rebelling against British rule.