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Why are nuclear power plants not in danger of a nuclear explosion?

A) The enrichment of uranium remains too low for an explosion.
B) They don't use any nuclear material.
C) They don't tend to use uranium, at least not those built in the United States.
D) There is a risk, although a small one, of an explosion.

Nuclear Explosion

A highly destructive blast caused by the release of energy from the rapid and uncontrolled release of nuclear fission or fusion reactions.


The process of increasing the proportion of a desired material or isotope in a mixture.

Nuclear Material

Substances that emit radiation, used in energy production, medicine, and atomic weapons.

  • Understand the safety measures and environmental concerns associated with nuclear power, including waste management and the prevention of nuclear explosions.

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Nuclear power plants use uranium that is enriched to a level that supports a sustained nuclear reaction for energy production, but this level of enrichment is far below what would be needed for a nuclear explosion.