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While a man provided directions to a construction worker,two experimenters rudely interrupted by passing between them carrying a door. The man's failure to notice that the construction worker was replaced by a different person during this interruption illustrates

A) REM rebound.
B) hypnagogic sensations.
C) activation-synthesis.
D) change blindness.

Change Blindness

Failing to notice changes in the environment.

Construction Worker

An individual who works on construction sites, engaging in various tasks such as building, demolition, or renovation.


Instructions or guidelines that indicate how to reach a destination or complete a task.

  • Identify phenomena related to attention, perception, and consciousness, such as change blindness and inattentional blindness.

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The scenario described represents a classic example of change blindness, where a person fails to notice a significant change in their environment due to a distraction or interruption. In this case, the passing of the experimenters with the door causes the man to overlook the replacement of the construction worker with a different person. REM rebound refers to an increase in the duration and intensity of REM sleep after a period of sleep deprivation. Hypnagogic sensations are the sensory experiences we have as we fall asleep, such as seeing flashes of light or feeling like we are falling. Activation-synthesis is a theory of dreaming that suggests that dreams arise from random neural activity in the brainstem, which is then synthesized into a narrative by higher brain regions. None of these concepts are directly related to the scenario described.