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Which type of stator winding can produce more current at higher speeds than wye winding ?

A) alpha
B) delta
C) trio
D) series

Stator Winding

The stationary coil windings located in an alternator or electric generator, which generate magnetic fields when electric current flows through them.

Wye Winding

A configuration of winding in an electric motor or generator that allows for a balanced distribution of the electrical load.


A geomorphological feature formed at the mouth of a river, where it diverges into several outlets, or an incremental change in a variable in engineering or science.

  • Identify the different windings types and their effects on electrical current production.

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Delta winding allows for a higher current flow at increased speeds compared to a wye winding because in a delta configuration, the voltage across each winding is equal to the line voltage, allowing for a higher current output under the same power conditions.