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Which type of program is appropriate to educate staff about new fall prevention protocols that are to be implemented on the nursing unit?

A) In-service education
B) Advanced education
C) Continuing education
D) Certification education

In-service Education

Training and education provided to employees while they are on duty, designed to enhance job performance and skills.

Fall Prevention

Strategies and interventions designed to reduce the risk of falls, especially in the elderly or those with mobility issues.

  • Comprehend the function of the nurse as a teacher and the diverse learning requirements of patients, their families, and colleagues.
  • Recognize the importance of continuing education for nursing professionals.

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In-service education programs are instruction or training provided by a health care agency or institution designed to increase the knowledge,skills,and competencies of nurses and other health care professionals employed by the institution.Some roles for RNs in nursing require advanced graduate degrees,such as a clinical nurse specialist or nurse practitioner.Continuing education is required for professionals in many states.Continuing education involves formal,organized educational programs offered by universities,hospitals,state nurses' associations,professional nursing organizations,and educational and health care institutions.