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Which type of personality tests ask individuals to respond to vague,ambiguous stimuli in ways that may reveal the subject's needs,feelings,and personality traits

A)  objective tests
B)  behavioural tests 
C)  projective tests
D)  self-report inventories

Projective Tests

Psychological assessment tools where subjects interpret ambiguous stimuli, revealing hidden feelings, desires, and conflicts.

Vague, Ambiguous Stimuli

Stimuli that lack clarity or precision and can be interpreted in multiple ways by the sensory and perceptual systems.

Objective Tests

Tests that require respondents to select an answer from a given set, minimizing subjective judgment and allowing for clear, definitive scoring.

  • Understand the characteristics and applications of projective tests.

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Projective tests ask individuals to respond to vague or ambiguous stimuli, such as inkblots or pictures, in order to reveal underlying personality traits, needs, and feelings. The responses are often open to interpretation and can provide insight into the individual's unconscious thoughts and emotions. Objective tests, on the other hand, have clear, specific questions or statements, and require individuals to provide direct or quantifiable responses. Behavioral tests involve observing an individual's actions or reactions in specific situations. Self-report inventories ask individuals to answer a set of standardized questions about themselves.