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Which statement characterizes petrochemicals? 

A)  They are impurities that must be burned or buried. 
B)  They are additives that increase the octane level of gasoline. 
C)  They are removed from oil before the oil is refined. 
D)  They are used as raw materials in producing the majority of organic chemicals.


Chemical products derived from petroleum or natural gas, serving as raw materials in various manufacturing processes.

Organic Chemicals

Compounds containing carbon atoms, typically produced by living organisms but can also be synthesized artificially.

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Petrochemicals are organic chemical compounds that are derived from petroleum or natural gas. They are used as raw materials in the production of a wide range of products, including plastics, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic fibers. Petrochemicals are not impurities that need to be burned or buried; rather, they are valuable resources that are essential to many industries. While some petrochemicals may be removed from crude oil before refining, the majority are produced through additional processing after the refining of crude oil. And while some petrochemicals may be used as additives to increase the octane level of gasoline, this is only a small fraction of the many different types of petrochemicals that are produced and used worldwide.