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Which people developed the most stratified society of all of those in the Pacific region?

A) Maori
B) Trobriand Islands
C) Hawaii
D) Tonga

Stratified Society

A societal structure characterized by distinct levels of class, caste, wealth, or social standing, indicating a hierarchy among its members.

Trobriand Islands

A group of islands in the Solomon Sea, part of Papua New Guinea, known for their unique matrilineal culture and kula exchange system.


An archipelago and state of the United States located in the Central Pacific Ocean, known for its diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, and unique cultural heritage.

  • Explain the reflection of social stratification and societal constructs in Pacific Island cultures as depicted through their art.

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The Hawaiian society was the most stratified in the Pacific region, with a complex hierarchy that included the ali'i (chiefs), kahuna (priests), maka'ainana (commoners), and kauwa (outcasts). This system was more rigid and hierarchical than those found in other Pacific societies.