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Which order should the nurse prioritize care for the patient using Maslow's theory from lower-level needs to higher-level needs?
B-Physiological needs
D-Love and belonging
E-Safety and security

A) b, e, d, a, c
B) d, b, c, a, e
C) b, e, d, c, a
D) d, b, a, c, e

Maslow's Theory

A psychological theory proposing a hierarchy of human needs, from basic physiological needs to self-actualization, influencing motivation and behavior.

Lower-Level Needs

Fundamental physiological and safety needs in Maslow's hierarchy, such as food, water, and security, that must be satisfied before higher-level needs.


An individual's subjective evaluation of their own worth or value.

  • Prioritize the needs of patient care following the structure of Maslow's hierarchy.

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Maslow's (1987)model describes human needs using a hierarchical pyramid divided into five levels: physiological needs,safety and security,love and belonging,self-esteem,and self-actualization.