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Which of the following would not be a good suggestion for a group leader to make to members who are experiencing grief?

A) Cry.
B) Talk about the loss with others.
C) Take time to dwell on the grief and unhappiness.
D) Accept the inevitability of death.

Group Leader

The person who is in charge of guiding, managing, or directing a group.


An emotional response to loss, encompassing a range of feelings from deep sadness to anger.

Inevitability Of Death

The undeniable fact that death is a natural and certain outcome for all living beings.

  • Gain insights into the systems and theoretical perspectives pertaining to loss, social group structures, and resolution of disagreements.

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Explanation :
C is not a good suggestion because while it's important to acknowledge feelings of grief, encouraging someone to dwell on their grief and unhappiness can be counterproductive and may prevent them from moving through the stages of grief in a healthy way. The other options (A, B, D) are generally considered helpful in the grieving process.